Desert Orchid 8″ Incense Sticks Saysell


Desert Orchid 8″ Incense Sticks Saysell

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Desert Orchid Spicy 8″ Incense Sticks Agarbatti Long Burning x 20 by Saysell

Desert Orchid embraces black truffle, dark chocolate, ylang ylang and amber with French jasmine, lotus and the stunningly rare black orchid flower.

The classically dark scent driven to envelope the senses and steal away your heart. Desert Orchid is the opulently warm spiced, modern and timeless fragrance coupling together rich sombre notes of the black orchid flower, vetiver, dark chocolate, incense and black truffle with the florals of French jasmine, gardenia, ylang ylang and lotus. Balsam, amber, effervescent citrus and black current lend their hands to ensure Desert Orchid extends wide spread aura wherever used. An exquisite fragrance symbolising the precious desert flower – truly rare and wondrously strange.

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