Palestine Souk

Palestine Souk is a non-profit retail and online store based in Birmingham the heart of England, United Kingdom.We have been established since 2016 and have a retail store on Coventry Road, Small Heath (next to the famous Pastry House).

Palestine Souk sells variety of products including Clothing; Home Decor; Palestine Food and Merchandise; Sunnah Foods and Herbs, Health and Beauty Products; Hajj and Umrah Essentials; top brand perfume fragrances from the middle east and many miscellaneous items.

“Where Shopping Becomes Charity”

When a customer orders online and buys from Palestine Souk store, the profits from the sales becomes charitable donation hence their slogan “where shopping becomes charity”.

Our Ummah Trust – Supporting Charity

Our Ummah Trust is a UK charity registered organisation, where Palestine Souk sale profits funds help cover daily administration cost as well supporting the poor and needy people around the global via projects.

Palestine Souk retail store can process your Zakaat and Sadaqah. All Donation are process 100% without any reduction and a receipt is given as a confirmation from our friendly staff and volunteers.