Amalsons Bee Pollen 100% Raw


Amalsons Bee Pollen 100% Raw

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Amalsons Bee Pollen 100% Raw

Eaten to acquire youth and longevity, the Greeks and Romans referred to natural bee pollen as the “the life-giving dust”.

Pollen has been used throughout the ages as a source of food and nourishment. It contains a wide variety of long-chain fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements as well as enzymes from the bees themselves. This superfood has so many benefits and nutritional value that the German Federal Board of Health has officially recognised bee pollen as a medicine.

Amalsons Bee Pollen is collected from beehives in Sierra de Aguas, Alora, in Malaga Province in Spain. It is made by bees from flowers and trees around that area.

It can be used as a topping for yoghurt or cereal, blended into smoothies, and mixed into salad dressings. It had many other uses so long as it is not heated, which would damage some of the nutrients.

Produced by beekeepers in Spain

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