Amalsons Orange Blossom Honey 200g


Amalsons Orange Blossom Honey 200g

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100% Raw Amalsons Orange Blossom Honey 200g

Harvested from fields of oranges and lemons in Alora in the Province of Malaga in Spain, Orange Blossom Honey comes from the nectar of orange blossoms and nearby citrus trees and flowers that are in bloom. The bees turn the nectar into pleasant and light honey – a favourite of children and those who enjoy sweet and sunny honey flavours. This particular honey is a great introduction to the world of raw honey thanks to its easy-going, floral sweetness and invigorating orange blossom aroma.

It is well-balanced honey in terms of its sweetness. It has just a subtle and delicate taste of orange and a hint of creamy vanilla which then leaves you with subtle citrusy notes.

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