Amalsons Honeycomb with Thousand Flowers Honey 450g


Amalsons Honeycomb with Thousand Flowers Honey  450g

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100% Raw Amalsons Honeycomb with Thousand Flowers Honey 450g

Fun and enjoyable to eat, this honeycomb in a jar is as close to eating honey straight from the hive as you can get without your own bees. Real honeycomb contains the purest form of honey – it can be eaten by itself, or with natural yoghurt and fresh fruit.

This is a natural product made by honey bees to store honey and pollen or house their larvae. It consists of a series of hexagonal cells constructed from beeswax which generally contain raw honey. It’s one of nature’s greatest wonders. The honeycomb has a lightly crisp and chewy texture, and each bite releases pure and sweet honey. It’s enjoyable a small amount on its own with tea after a meal, or even with sharp cheddar.

The honeycomb is submerged in our Raw Thousand Flower Honey. The honey of Thousand Flowers has a pleasant aroma with outstanding floral notes that when tasting it produces sweet sensations with light acid or salty notes. The two combined, Thousand Flowers Honey and honeycomb makes a pure bliss.

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