Sidr Leaves


Dried/ Broken Organic Sidr Leaves.


Dried/ Broken Organic Sidr Leaves.

Sidr leaves are specially sourced from the Blessed City, Madinah in Saudi Arabia.
PLEASE NOTE ~ As this is unrefined it will include small sticks and seeds. The leaves will be broken and not whole as it is dried and will include powdered leaves. (We always send more than the specified weight to make up for stick and seeds which may be present in the bag. Thank you.
Sidr Leaves are an effective cure for magic, EVIL EYE & JINN possession. by the will of Allah SWT.
Take a small amount of Sidr Leaves, grind them, then add them to water.
Take three sips, then wash with the rest. This will weaken any affliction ie: Sihr (Magic), Ayn (evil eye) or jinn possession by the will of Allah SWT.
“SUNNAH SHIFA” Sidr Leaves are very good for RUQYAH BATH, they are also used for washing bodies of the deceased for a Janazah (Funeral) and most importantly it is used in Ruqyah Shariah as a treatment for Jinn Possession (Spirits), Sihr (Magic) and Evil Eye (Hasad or Ayn)

Available from 10g to 1kg

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Weight 100 g
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